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The Golden Platter, Milton Bullock - HONORARY CHAIRMAN

I am the Honorary Chairman of CEMA Foundation and I do humbly request your sponsorship support for our annual event, "CEMAFEST". Although most people are familiar with Milton Bullock’s (The Golden Platter) legendary entertainment credentials; I am most proud of my legacy with at-risk youth, Universal. As founder of “Do It For The Children Initiatives, Inc.”; I am committed to the welfare of all at-risk youth.  I do enjoy giving back for all my blessings by using my celebrity status to motivate young people as well as to bring other celebrities into the act of giving troubled kids the aspiration to succeed.  

Our Flagship program "CEMAFEST" has been designed to be the ideal platform to fundraise for local and major international causes providing financial emergency needs to continue or embellish their operations. In addition to my God given talent to sing, I have composed a special song to financially-aid and support that cause; so appropriately themed and titled as; “Do It For The Kids Today.”  The Milton Bullock Foundation in collaboration with CEMA Foundation (a 501C3 not-for-profit organization) will be presenting CEMAFEST. 


To create opportunities to learn, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of local and World cultures through music and the arts. 



To develop a long history of shaping the lives of all people, all ages, through all arts. 



Vocal 1st tenor, Milton Bullock, formerly of "The Platters" (now "The Golden Platter"), striving to inspire society to make benevolent sacrifices on behalf of all kids (children) worldwide. This 1997 video begins with Milton, a role model, setting an example of honesty. He then sings "Do It For The Kids". 

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